Traditional, sexy and sporty leather jackets for every woman

Be traditional, feminine and sporty at the same time!

While the garb jacket and coat go well with your dirndl, these leather jackets for women make your leather trousers look even sexier. These gorgeous jackets look good during the Oktoberfest in Munich, but you can wear them everywhere, the whole year. They're not only the perfect companions for your Bavarian outfit but they also fit perfectly for every occasion. Wear your leather jackets for women solo or in combination with matching trousers as a real traditional Bavarian costume - you can never go wrong! If the evenings in the beer garden are a little cooler, don't worry. The leather jacket will keep you warm and plus: it won't spoil your outfit, it will add to it! This is the perfect style for all the women who want to look sexy and feminine but still sporty and strong.

This leather jacket is the perfect combination partner for almost everything

Our online shop offers you countless possible add-ons for your original and traditional outfit. Here you can find romantic combinations with trousers and a playful blouse: a style that adds to the feminine look. But you can also wear your jacket with normal jeans, t-shirt or a pullover. The combination possibilities are endless and you will be suprised at how different your new and most popular accessory will look and will make you look. In combination with the traditional parts like the famous Munich Haferl shoes, you will have the best alternative to a dirndl and be perfectly well dressed for the Oktoberfest. With the more laid-back combination with jeans and t-shirt you will be fit for long walks in the forest during the first days in fall. The valuable and highly professionally fashioned material will keep your jacket alive for a livetime. Find your perfect Bavarian outfit: just follow the hints on our website. We will lead you to matching trousers, skirts, accessories like shoes and bags, and even lingerie - come and discover your personal Bavarian style!

Our collection: leather jackets for women - as cool as men, as feminine as ladies

Like all the other clothes and costumes offered here our jackets come in different costumes patterns. The female jackets look similar to the male jackets but are equipped with affectionately chosen details like little knitted applications. Choose between the garb jacket, which closely resembles the traditional Bavarian clothes that you can see at the Oktoberfest every year, and the more liberally designed country home jacket with a lot of romantic details. The first model impresses with real staghorn buttons - can you believe it? - the more romantic one has a rounded neckline that highlights your femininity.

Shop easy and fast online - without any risk

Order online, save yourself the trouble of endless walks and pay however you like - without running any risk. With our size chart you can easily find the perfect matching jacket. And if you changed your mind or the size doesn't fit: don't worry, you can always return your clothes within the regular handover-period. But we'll tell you one thing: if you look at yourself in the mirror you won't spend one single thought on returning your new Baravian outfit any more!



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