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Womens Trachten Necklaces. The best costume accessories

For the perfect traditional costume outfit, clothing and accessories should always match. Traditional costume accesories worn at festivals such as the famous Munich Oktoberfest or other such venues need not be particularly valuable - they should, however, blend in with the overall outfit and add to the beautiful feminine appearance of its wearer. A woman looks never more charming and womanly than in a beautiful dirndl outfit, and the accessories should enhance this impression - and that is precisely what our accessories do!

Regional themes and motives

In our fashion online shop, you will find German jewellery at affordable prices that offer a great value for money and will let every woman look ravish at any any festival where "trachten" - as the Germans call traditional custom fashion - are worn. All of the jewelry and accessories in our catalogue take up familiar themes and motives that you can find throughout Germany and notably Bavarian traditional costume fashion. Among them are the edelweiss, the Alp's most precious flower, the heart and the pretzel. These themes emphasize the rootedness of Bavarian trachten fashion in the strong regional traditions of Bavaria, the connectedness to the nature of the beautiful Bavarian Alps. And they also speak to the warm friendliness of the people of this region: In Germany Bavarian people are famous for their joy of life! At Oktoberfest in Munich or at any other octoberfest festival, people dress up to to party and celebrate together. Women's dirndl dresses are designed in a way to make every woman look simply spectacular, and the German jewelry and accessories they choose are simple, but effective.

Effective but affordable

The world-famous Oktoberfest or any other octoberfest festival such as the Germanfest in Milwaukee (USA) are no occassion to put on fancy and expensive German jewelry, but rather opt for accessories that shine as brightly as diamonds but can be worn in a beer hall without care. For an occassion like the Munich Oktoberfest or any other trachten event, there is no better choice than our necklaces. They match the style and design of our traditional custome dirndl dresses, skirts and blouses just perfectly and should thus not be forgotten when choosing your Oktoberfest outfit!

Crystals and metal pendants

Some of our necklaces are adorned with beautiful swarovski crystals. Swarovski crystals are polished rhinestones that shine as brightly as the most expensive diamonds, but are affordable and thus an ideal component for the German jewelry offered in our fashion online shop. Swarovski crystals will be a beautiful eye-catcher in your trachten necklace that will immediately catch everybody's attention! If you prefer a less brightly shining necklace, a necklace with a metal pendant will be just perfect for your. The pendant is shaped in the forms of motives familiar to anyone who loves Bavarian culture and trachten fashion, such as the edelweiss and the heart.

A present for someone dear

And then there are those heart-shaped metal pendants that are inscribed with a traditional nickname Bavarians give to someone dear: "Spatzl". A "spatz" is a sparrow in German, and "spatzl" literally means "little sparrow" and is considered a particularly tender way to adress someone dear - and it can be actually heard quite often at joyous trachten events such as the octoberfest! Whichever necklace you choose, each is offered with a variety of coloured bands that will make it easy to find the necklace that best matches your traditional fashion outfit.