Traditional German Belts for Men


Trachten belts for men

If you ever visited the legendary October Fest in Germany, you have seen Bavarians in classical Tracht and youngsters in new lederhosen or jeans. Among the youngsters, sometimes traditional belts are the only sign that they like their traditions. The traditional costume fashion, though, is often regarded as old-fashioned by the young people. As kids they wore the traditional costumes because their parents wanted that - and the youngsters of course wanted to look like their parents. In the later years they will prefer to look differently. They prefer their own fashion styles when they come of age. So the designers of Bavarian Trachten fashion have a hard time inventing something that really looks Bavarian, while at the same time setting new priorities as a Tracht. The modern looks may annoy older people - but that's how life always was. If youngsters want to wear a whitish leather trouser or designer Dirndl, just let them do it.

The famous October Fest in Germany

The Bavarian capital city, Munich, has a lot to offer for tourists and local residents. Undoubtedly the Oktoberfest is the most cherished occasion to drink a lot of beer and enjoy life. Even famous Hollywood stars visit Munich at this time of the year. Many people wear their traditional costumes. Traditional belts offer the advantage that they look good on conventional jeans and also on the leather trousers of the Bavarian Tracht. Individual preferences can be followed because of that. For example, you can combine casual jeans with traditional belts, a chequered Tracht blouse and Haferl shoes and will look Bavarian enough. You need not wear a full Bavarian costume. All parts of the traditional Bavarian or Austrian Tracht can be worn separately. They can be combined with whatever you like to wear. That is the reason why Trachtenlook is still alive in these regions. In other regions of Germany you will not see the regional costumes anymore. They can only be studied in museums of folk history. In Bavaria, the folk history is still alive - specifically at the yearly October Fest in Germany. It is one of the best known beer-festivals worldwide.

Leather belts and new lederhosen

Most men do not need too many accessories to achieve the famous Trachtenlook of Bavaria and Austria. The famous Gamsbart hat is not worn by many younger people. They also do not grow wild beards. Youngsters might prefer to wear traditional or modern belts with their jeans or leather pants, according to their taste in fashion. It is likely that some people do not wish to be seen in Trachtenlook at all. But for most of the people in Bavaria and Austria it is true that they love their traditional attire and proudly wear it. Leather belts are an important accessorie for men. They look good and are functional. It is very probable that you own several leather belts with different buckles. Modern and traditional buckles will be found in such a collection. The traditional buckles of costume belts show regional designs. Imprinted deer or regional flowers can be seen. You can study all the possibilities at the Munich Oktoberfest or in any online shop selling Bavarian and Austrian attire. Many belts with typical Bavarian buckles will be exported to the United States or Japan by Oktoberfest visitors.