Trachten Charivaris for Men

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Trachten CHARIVARIS men´s best for leatherpants

Imprinted or richly embroidered "Lederhosen" or Tracht leather pants are an integral part of the traditional German outfit worn in Bavaria or Austria. One accessorie is most valued to accompany the Bavarian Lederhosen: A so called Charivari chain. Originally it was a symbol of wealth. Centuries ago, one traditionally wore a Charivari made of silver coins, medals, smaller hunting trophies and horn discs with the most traditional German outfit. To show the social status at the Oktoberfest party was more than a question of honour. It was as if you proudly illustrated your best abilities and qualities for everyone to see.

Modern Charivaris as a typical accessorie

Antique Charivaris will not be found in our German online shop. They are very expensive nowadays and can be seen in museums or at special occasions. We sell traditional German outfit, clothing & accessories like the Charivari in antique looks, but made from cheaper material. Nowadays, the Charivari is regarded as a lucky charm. It is worn with the Bavarian leather pant or Lederhosen. Many decorations for the Bavarian Tracht have lost their initial meaning but are still existent. The Bavarian and Austrian Tracht is still widely worn. It has as much tradition as the Charivari accessorie. Traditionally you were not allowed to buy such an accessorie for your Trachten Lederhosen. It had to be given to you by someone. There is no nicer and more traditional present for someone who owns a Bavarian Tracht or is interested in Bavarian culture. Traditional Bavarian clothes are even worn by many tourist and celibrities when they visit Munich in October. You can order complete sets of traditional dresses online before you travel to Bavaria or Austria. Alternatively, you can buy a Charivari in Munich after you arrived or before you leave. Women also wear such a decorative accessorie to their dresses. They use Charivaris as decorative belts with their Dirndl dress. Take a look at them in our German online shop.

Bavarian Lederhosen

Traditional Bavarian leather pants can be worn to a T-shirt - but at the traditional Oktoberfest you wear them with all traditional accessoires that are typical: Haferl shoes and Trachten socks, a colourful Trachten waistcoat and a chequered or plain white shirt with decorative buttons or embroideries. This adds to a very festive look that is quite impressive and typically for Austria and Bavaria. Some men from rural regions of Bavaria also wear impressive beards and show off some muscles in their traditional attire. Traditionally, the robust and durable Bavarian costumes were workers dresses. While working you wore no Charivari. At this time the knife with a knife bag for safeties sake was more important. The more festive versions of the Bavarian Trachtenlook can be seen at the yearly Oktoberfest party. If you wish to see Bavarian dresses including different kinds of Charivaris in all their splendour, you best visit the regular events of a regional "Trachtenverein". Here you might see some of the more valuable Charivaris. They are passed on from generation to generation. It is a real sight when men dance the traditional "Schuhplattler" dance and their Charivaris blink in the sun. If you intend to visit Munich next year, Bavarian and Austrian clothing & accessories can be bought right here. If you return, we welcome you as our guest!