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Trachten 2019 - Tips and Trends around the Wiesndirndl


Soon it will be time again: In a few months the popular Oktoberfest will take place in Munich. Whether if you visit the Münchner Wiesn, the Cannstatter Wasen or any other beer festivals - in addition to a good mood, the right outfit is a important part of the experience. In the Alpenclassics Online-Shop you have the possibility to choose between different Dirndl variations. Authentically dressed, you will appear in your Bavarian Dirndl according to tradition. In addition to the classic Dirndl variants, our shop also offers modern Dirndl dresses in mini or maxi length as well as elegant country house outfits. Find your favourite Dirndl in the Alpenclassics shop!

Table of Contents

The perfect Dirndl for the Oktoberfest

Dirndl Perfekt

The classic Dirndl

The classic Dirndl is the epitome of traditional Bavarian costume. Made of high-quality cotton a Dirndl feels very pleasant on the skin. Classic and simple, the cotton Dirndl can not only be worn for the Oktoberfest, but also for various other festive occasions such as weddings or birthday parties. Usually this costume is high-necked, but there are also models with a neckline. You get Dirndl dresses mostly in the classic colors red, blue or green. In our online shop you can buy this decent traditional costume at a special price.

The Landhaus-Dirndl

There are only minimal differences between a Landhaus Dirndl and a classical Bavarian dress. A country style Dirndl looks more like a summer robe and does not have a classic bodice. In the upper part these country house costumes have buttons and no chain lacings and are characterized in the lower part by a medium skirt length. Many women prefer a country house Dirndl, since it is not extremely decorated and appears more modern. Choose your preferred country house dresses from linen and cotton. You can buy your favourite model in the online shop.

The modern Dirndl

With an incomparable combination of haute couture and traditional trachten style, modern Dirndl dresses inspire. Although they resemble a classic Dirndl in their form and fitting, they also present fashionable and trendy elements. Modern traditional costumes are mostly made of particularly fine fabrics and look more like an elegant evening dress with a hint of tradition. Preferred colours for modern dresses are black or dark blue. Some models are also available in extravagant colour combinations. This Dirndl guarantees a glamorous appearance at the Oktoberfest.

The different Dirndl lengths

Dirndl Figur


Short & cheeky, the Mini-Dirndl shows more neckline than classic costumes and also it shows off more leg. With this Dirndl you will be the center of attention at the next Oktoberfest. These short Dirndl dresses come in red, blue, green and numerous other colour variations. Short Dirndl are made of high-quality fabrics and guarantee excellent wearing comfort. In addition to Mini Dirndl for ladies, the online shop also offers girls' dresses. Certainly there is a suitable model for your daughter or your little sister.


With a Midi-Dirndl you keep the golden mean. This costume is not as long as a classic German dress and not as cheeky as a the short version. Nevertheless a Dirndl in medium length looks seductive and exciting in a ladylike way. Dirndls with snow white collars are particularly elegant. Medium-length dresses can also be worn in everyday life and some professional groups such as receptionists, waitresses or barmaids like to wear this costume to work. Midi is one of the most popular Dirndl lengths. Please feel free to browse through our wide selection.


Maxi-Dirndl radiate a touch of classic-rustic elegance and are exactly the right choice for ladies who want to appear particularly stylish and traditional at the Oktoberfest. The long-cut Dirndl is available in numerous colour shades. Especially with a Maxi Dirndl in green, red or blue you emphasize the classic traditional fashion. From strong to discreet colours to pastel shades, due to the extensive selection, a Dirndl with maxi-skirt length is sure to suit your individual taste. Long dresses are available in different designs. You get classic, modern or country house Dirndl.

Choosing the right Dirndl for your hair colour

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The ideal Dirndl colour for blondes

For blondes, rich, vibrant colors are an excellent choice for a Dirndl. Red, blue or green go particularly well with this hair colour. But also Dirndl dresses in different color combinations like green and pink or purple and red are perfect for light hair colours.

Dirndl Perfekt

The best Dirndl colours for brunettes

If you have brown hair, you can choose from a wide range of different Bavarian dresses. Pastel shades, grey, dark violet, red or blue go very well with chestnut brown. Dirndls in warm colours such as red, orange, olive green or petrol are particularly suitable for dark chocolate brown hair. With brown hair it is therefore important to combine the respective brunette shade with a matching Dirndl colour.

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What Dirndl with black hair?

Black haired girls can score with clear, strong colours when choosing their Dirndl. A bright blue in combination with classic white is an excellent choice. Dresses in white and black are also very attractive with black hair.

Dirndl Perfekt

What Dirndl with red hair?

For natural red hair, light pastel and nude tones are an excellent choice. Dirndls in pastel pink, rosewood, apricot go perfectly with red hair. Green tones also harmonise perfectly with this hair colour. Of course you will find a great selection of Dirndl at Alpenclassics that will flatter your red hair.


How to tie the Dirndl ribbon


The position of the bow says a lot about you! The bow is a non-verbal signal regarding your relationship status. Where should you tie your Dirndl ribbon to convey the right message? Are you single and ready to mingle? Or are you happily in love or married?

Bow left bound

Single ladies tie their bow to the left and with this position convey that flirts are welcome at the Oktoberfest.

Bow right bound

If you are in a relationship or married, tie your bow on the right side of your dress. This gives all the boys out there the message that they should keep their hands off!

Bow in the middle

This position is the right choice especially for young girls. However, if the bow is tied in the middle, it can also mean that the woman is still undecided.

Bow tied at the back

Widowed women wear the ribbon on their backs. However, this position is also often used by waitresses to keep their Dirndl dresses clean.

Matching accessories for your Dirndl Outfit


For a Dirndl you also need matching accessories such as bags, jewelry, the matching Dirndl blouse and a bra. Of course you will also find a wide range of beautiful Dirndl accessories in our online shop.

The Dirndl Blouse

Dirndl and blouse should harmonize perfectly with each other. Therefore the choice of the right blouse is crucial. White blouses are the classic choice. But there are also traditional blouses in other colours like cream or beige. More modern blouses are also creatively designed with unusual patterns and refined details. A new trend that is especially popular amongst young women are Dirndl blouses made out of lace. They give your look a sexy and modern twist.

The Dirndl bra

The décolleté of a Dirndl is an incomparable mixture of femininity and innocence. Nevertheless, it offers deep insights. To draw attention to your décolleté you have to wear a matching bra. Depending on how much you want to show of your cleavage, you can choose between a traditional bra or the push-up version. The most important thing however is, that you feel comfortable with your choice. If you don’t want to show too much: Many Dirndl blouses can be adjusted to your preferences.

The right Dirndl shoes

Of course you also need the right shoes for your Dirndl. Ballerina shoes and slippers actually harmonize with every Dirndl and are available in numerous colors. To a classic Dirndl you can also wear hiking shoes or shoes in traditional Trachten look. Pumps and sandals go particularly well with a country house or modern Dirndl. In the online shop you can get various shoe models at favourable prices.

The perfect Dirndl bag

Our pretty Dirndl handbags are available in a variety of colour shades and are made of materials such as felt, leather or fabric. A Dirndl often goes especially well with a bag of the same colour in the same style. But also as a contrast a Dirndl bag can impress. They can be decorated, plain or embroidered. Furthermore, they are not just pretty! With a Dirndl bag you always have a safe place to keep your phone, wallet or lipstick.

The matching Dirndl jewellery

The Charivari is especially popular as traditional costume jewellery. These chains are decorated with small, fine talismans and are especially in Bavarian a popular piece of jewellery. Of course, there are also pendants or Dirndl necklaces with other motives and designs. You are sure to find the perfect Oktoberfest bracelets and jewelry for your Dirndl in our assortment.

The matching jacket for the Dirndl

A dirndl without a matching jacket looks incomplete. Especially when it gets a bit chilly outside, the Dirndl jacket is handy. Traditional jackets with a rustic knit pattern are especially popular. For a modern look you can also combine your Dirndl with a jeans jacket or leather jacket.

How to wash your Dirndl


Washing the dirndl

Normally it is possible to clean a Dirndl dress in the washing machine. However, you should always read the care instructions on the label. It is best to choose a gentle cycle. Ideally, use a laundry net when washing. Horn and metal buttons should always be removed before washing. The Dirndl apron is best washed by hand.

Drying the Dirndl

After cleaning, you should hang your dirndl on a hanger and dry it in the fresh air. First wrinkles will hang out and will make ironing a lot easier.

Ironing the dirndl

If you want to iron your dirndl, you should be careful. First read the instructions on the care label carefully. A dirndl made of pure cotton and without additional embroidery is very easy to iron at medium heat. If you have frills on your skirt or neckline, you have to be particularly careful. Use only the tip of your flat iron and very little pressure to restore "natural volume".

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