Bavarian Trachten shoes for men

So many wonderful festivities are celebrated worldwide. Being a tourist, one can experience Indian Pow-Wows, Japanese temple ceremonies, Norwegian Ice-festivals - or the impressive Bavarian Oktoberfest. At the opening ceremony, men with Haferl shoes, Gamsbart hats, Tracht brogues and additional accessories can be seen in all places. They may be accompanied by ladies in festive Dirndls.

Bavarian online shops for shoes & accessories

Even if you are not able to come to Munich, you can buy Bavarian clothes. Simply use the Internet. Even if you mistakenly google for "online shoping clothes" instead of "online shopping Bavarian clothes" you will probably be lead to a store with traditional attire. Fitting shoes & accessories will also be offered. The typical Haferl shoes are tied at the side and have a rural look. They are traditionally used by mountaineers, farmers, hunters and hikers. Their durable soles guarantee a safe step on every ground. Nowadays many people wear trekking boots with their Tracht. For tourists, the Haferl shoe represents a typical feature they'd wear to their Bavarian Tracht. In brogues, chequered blouse and traditional boots you will look as if you were born in the mountain areas of the Alps.

Holiday in the mountain regions

If you come to Germany and relax in Bavaria you will be excited to see the Oktoberfest-tents in all their splendour. The classical knee-long Tracht brogues are practical also when you are hiking in the mountain regions. They are robust, good looking and allow some ventilation also. You wear them with long or short socks, depending on the season. Other accessories might be helpful for hikers. You might want to buy a shoulder bag for provisions. In the mountain areas your shoes will be the most important parts. With profiled shoes you can climb safely, just like a goat. To provide you with all the right things, Tracht shops in the internet offer sets of all things you need. Brogues, blouses, shoes & accessories can also be bought separately, of course. You will not look like a stranger next time you visit the Oktoberfest in Munich. You will feel at home.

Visit the Oktoberfest in Munich

Some people yearly travel to Munich, even if they live far away. This is also true for some prominent film stars or superstars from the sport world. For example, former US-tennisplayer Andre Agassi was here with his German friend Boris Becker who lives in Munich. In case you meet some prominent people during the Oktoberfest days, you better look smart in your new Haferl shoes and brogues. Wife and children should also wear Haferls shoes. They are traditionally worn to trousers and Dirndls alike. Haferl Shoes for women and kids may be bought in different colours while men prefer the classical brown and black shoes. They are more practical in the mountain regions and on the fields. Women like to go shopping in the city and prefer shoes fitting the colour of their Dirndl. For them, shoes & accessories are fashionable things, while for men the Haferl shoes enable them to walk safely. However, the yearly Oktoberfest is a good occasion to wear the best clothes you own. With a collection of shoes & accessories you can change the looks of your Dirndl. Most people visit the "Wies'n" in Munich more than once.




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