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Traditional costume blouses are a among the best-known elements of German traditional costume fashion - and that is not surprising, because they are not only particularly beautiful, but can also be combined with both traditional costume fashion and causal wear.

Centuries old and still fashionable

Even if you have never been to the German alpine region of Bavaria, you will almost certainly know the traditional blouse with its characteristic checkered pattern, as many companies from Bavaria show women dressed in a traditional Bavarian blouse in their advertisements. This fact alone tells you how popular the traditional Bavarian blouse is, making this beautiful German blouse one of the best-known elements of German "trachten", as traditional costume fashion is called in German. At the famous Oktoberfest in Munich and at other such festivals around the world, the traditional German blouse is an important part of the dress for women.

New patterns and colours

In Bavarian trachten fashion, the classical traditional blouse patterns for women have always been the white-blue and white-red checks, which have also been employed in trachten fashion throughout the German-speaking alpine regions for centuries. Apart from the traditional checks, there have always been plain white blouses. In recent years, however, the range of blouse designs for women has noticeably broadened. Blouses are now available in a great variety of colours and patterns. Apart from the classical white-red and white-blue checkered variants, there are now blouses with checks in all kind of colours ranging from green to turqoise. There are even a purple and a pink blouse! In some cases, the blouse pattern includes more than one colour, and the pink-blue, blue-brown, and green-purple checked variants are among the most popular additions to our online catalogue.

Some traditional features

Apart from the wide array of colours to choose from, our traditional blouses also come in a great variety of designs. Whether you prefer a blouse with or without collar, with or without a low-cut neckline, with or without elaborate ruches in the front part - you will certainly find the perfect dress blouse in our catalogue. For all their variety, all of the blouses in our catalogue share some of the features that are typical for German traditional costume fashion for women and that are recognized throughout the world, such as the characteristic ruches and laces, the puffed sleeves and the deer horn buttons.

A perfect match for lederhosen

Among the traditional costume fashion garments which the dress blouse matches best are the lederhosen, as the traditional leather breeches are called in German. Lederhosen have been part of the Bavarian traditional costume for men for centuries, but have become a part of women's traditional fashion in recent years, as well. Lederhosen look great on women - and they look even better when combined with a traditional blouse! At Oktoberfest in Munich, more and more women now choose to put on a pair of lederhosen and a blouse instead of a "dirndl", as the famous traditional dress for women is called in German.

Attractive offers

Whether for Oktoberfest or any other occassion - when buying your traditional blouse online, make sure to also check out the dresses, as dress and blouse should always match. For both dress and blouse you will find many attractive offers in our online catalogue, making it easy to find the perfect dress for women, but hard to choose!




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