Classic Trachten shirts long-sleeved

In former times, you could only wear a traditional Trachten shirt to a Bavarian leather brogue and Haferl shoes. Most of the shirts were chequered blouses with decorative elements like buttons. Alternatively, you could wear a plain white shirt with traditional embroidery or decorative buttons. Nowadays, young men prefer the more casual Henley shirts with additional Trachten motifs or classical Trachten shirts with modern imprints. All kinds if fashions go with the times, even costume fashion.

Online shopping for Bavarian clothes

Many times people mistakenly write something wrong when they look for clothes in an Internet searching-machine. For example, they look for "online shoping clothes". First, this term is written falsely, but secondly it is too non-specific and confronts you with millions of links. You will find what you are looking for when you look for "Bavarian clothes" or "Dirndls", "Gamsbart hats" or "Haferl shoes". With these links you can enjoy all the variations Bavarian dresses have taken in modern times. Modern leather trousers do not have the classical colours but can also look whitish with pink or blue. Tastes are different. Young people simply refuse to wear old-fashioned dresses although at times they favour "retro-looks". However, when Bavarian youngsters visit the traditional Oktoberfest, they want to show off their best dresses. No Bavarian would dare to visit the Oktoberfest in casual attire. At least some elements of the traditional look are worn. The ideal combination that convinces young folk is to wear modern leather trousers with a Trachten shirt. Long and short shirts for men can be combined with a Trachten jacket or waistcoat. As long as you wear some traditional costume parts, you will be seen as a Bavarian. The traditional beerfest is widely known. Visitors from everywhere proudly show off their best attire. Many tourists will wear Trachten shirts.

Leather trousers and Trachten shirt

Men of all ages really look very smart in the Bavarian leather trousers. Combined with a white or chequered shirt plus Haferl Shoes, they enjoy the Oktoberfest beer tents and dances, traditional brass bands and all the enjoyments the Oktoberfest promises. This beerfest is so widely known that international film-stars and tennis-cracks from abroad come to Bavaria to be seen by the press. According to the unspoken rules, they also dress in traditional attire. You can not buy Bavarian attire in German shopping stores in northern Germany. You either have to visit Bavaria or look for Bavarian dresses in the internet. A Trachten shirt combined with casual jeans makes you look smarter than ever. Also, Trachten pants can be combined with normal T-Shirts, Henley shirts or conventional blouses. Starting slowly, you enjoy feeling at home in a Trachten dress. So you buy another Trachten shirt. Next time you come to Munich to visit the Oktoberfest, you leave the jeans at home and wear a traditional Bavarian leather pant. The drive of this traditional beerfest has been known to influence many people to become Bavarians.

Bavarian costume shirts for men

Traditional shirts for men are worn at festive occasions like the Oktoberfestival as well as in every day life. Some people even wear them to business suits. If you were a banker that would probably not be suitable, but in a normal office job it would do. As long as you were in Bavaria!




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