Oktoberfest Hats for Men

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Trachten hat for a man

We all know that some people look great with a hat on - and some don't. Very often it is just a question of the right hat. For example, if you want to look very male, you can choose between a Humprey Bogart hat or a modern baseball cap, a traditional Bavarian hat with Gamsbart or a black top hat. You'd only have to know when to wear what. For example, it would not be correct style to combine a baseball cap with a Tuxedo or a top hat with jeans.

Oktoberfest hats

Traditionally men wear the traditional Bavarian hats that are decorated with a so called Gamsbart. It is made from the long hair that grows on the back of a Gams, which is an mountain animal known widely in the region. A Gamsbart makes the Bavarian hat look very special. Nowadays, younger Bavarians also wear hats that resemble the hats shepherds wore in ancient times. You can also see straw hats sometimes, mostly on kids heads. Young people feel uncomfortable with the classical Gamsbart. Traditionally it was a sign that the man in question shot a Gams by himself when he was on the hunt. Since hunting Gams is prohibited or open to just a few people, most of the people decorate their Gamsbart hat with hair from other animals or synthetic material. At the Munchen Octoberfest you can see all varations of Oktoberfest hats. Some people wear traditional hats to their jeans, others wear the Bavarian hat and the complete attire of a real Bavarian. Most have bought their attire in the Tracht shop, either online or in the Bavarian capital of Munich.

What makes a hat german?

Well, that is a good question. It can not really be answered wisely. But one thing can be said: If there is a hat that is only known here, it is the Bavarian Gamsbart hat. The Munchen Octoberfest celebrates traditional and modern Bavarian fashion and the Gamsbart hat can be seen widely, for example at the opening ceremonies of the Oktoberfest. Among all the Oktoberfest hats of men, you can seldom see a woman wear a Tracht hat - and never would she dare to wear a real big Gamsbart. This is the privilege of men alone. The hats worn at the Munich Oktoberfest are mostly worn at festivals and belong to the most festive attire you can see in Bavaria. The traditional hats that are worn everyday would be different, as a Gamsbart hat is very expensive and valuable. It is kept for special occasions. You rather wear a more casual Bavarian hat, like those you can see in our online Tracht shop. If a hat is German or not, is hard to tell. You can wear any kind of hat to traditional Bavarian attire, as long as it looks good on you.

The Munchen Octoberfest

Naturally, typical hats can be seen at the yearly beer-festival they call Oktoberfest. It is traditionally held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. But you can also find traditional Oktoberfests in the United States. Bavarian immigrants celebrate them and wear traditional hats and attire while they eat Brezel and Weißwurst, drink lots of beer and seem to enjoy themselves enormously. The Bavarian hat fits the leather pant or brogue pantasically. Praise the Tracht shop!