Feminine Dirndls, not just for the Oktoberfest: Stockerpoint takes the traditional dresses to the catwalk

These trendy Dirndls from Stockerpoint go from the Oktoberfest to the catwalk, presenting the full current range of styles, colours, and cuts in country-inspired fashion. The charming traditional dresses are inspired this season by bright colours and jaunty style elements to create a fresh interpretation of this classic country look. Here in the Dirndl Shop you will discover fashionable Dirndl in short and long styles as well as matching accessories, Dirndl blouses and aprons. We offer the new dresses in larger sizes and have delightful and exclusive style details like lace and embroidery. Our Dirndl dresses are characterized by excellent material and workmanship and are great value for money. Romantic traditional dresses in rustic check are amongst this season's style favourites along with glamorous costume dresses in bright red and classic Dirndl in country house style. Let yourself be inspired right now and order your costume dress by Stockerpoint here in the Dirndl Shop.

Dirndl for Oktoberfest: Stylish traditional dresses in fashionable colours

 At this year's Oktoberfest a Dirndl dress is considered as a must have. The feminine costume dresses from Stockerpoint define their wearers as trend-setters at the Oktoberfest and the Stuttgart Beer Festival. Today, Oktoberfests are also celebrated in hearty country fashion in the Rhineland for which a stylish fashion classic like the Stockerpoint Dirndl is a perfect choice. Here in the Dirndl Shop the dress is available as both a short-cut and as a longer traditional dress and is available in many colours. The jaunty mini Dirndl is just as on trend as the longer clothes in a more traditional country style. The fashionable Dirndl emphasizes the neckline and with its sweeping skirts, it is suitable for all clothing sizes. Experience the fascinating country style and traditional dresses from Stockerpoint and look in our shop to discover matching Dirndl accessories: hats, scarves and costume bags to complete the stylish Festival look. The new Dirndl delight with their bright shades like green and pink, which reinterpret the classic traditional dress in trendy colours. A black or white blouse is combined with the Dirndl, which underscores the country style of these dress clothes perfectly. In our shop you will discover a wide selection of fashionable women's shoes to match the traditional Dirndl with pumps and trendy, western-style boots. Combinations of different styles are in vogue. Western looks from the salons and style influences from rockabilly fashion bring an exciting new twist to this traditional costume. We present a feminine Dirndl by Carmen Geiss and Stefanie Hertel as dashing head-turner for the Oktoberfest as well as the popular Bergfeuer Collections in the young country style. Our Dirndl dresses inspire with their high-quality materials and their optimal fit, which is tailored to each silhouette. The Stockerpoint range is always at the cutting-edge of country house style and Oktoberfest trends at affordable prices and matching accessories can be ordered at the same time too. Browse around the clock in our online shop and put together an entire Oktoberfest outfit with a few clicks!





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