Dirndl Underwear for Oktoberfest

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Stylish Dessous under dirndl

A proper traditional costum outfit for women does not end with a "dirndl", as the classical traditional custom dress is called in German, or a combination of skirt and blouse. And even if you choose the right shoes and dirndl accessories, a well-rounded octoberfest attire would not be complete without the proper dirndl underwear.

An essential part of the dirndl outfit

The reason why proper dirndl underwear is such an important part of the overall traditional costume outfit for women is simple: the top parts of the German traditional costume fashion for women are cut in such a way as to create a perfect dirndl décollté. This is especially true for the dirndl, which also has a particularly beautiful low-cut neckline and is always cut in a figure-hugging way that creates a beautiful feminine silhouette. For all it's breathtaking beauty, the dirndl's particular cut demands a dirndl bra that matches the dirndl seamelessly – or else, the dirndl décollté will be spoilt, as regular bras would either stick out or not give sufficient support in order to help create the breathtaking dirndl décollté. Buying a proper dirndl bra is thus money well spent, as wearing regular underwear would spoil the overall appearance. And why, after all, spent money on a dirndl dress, dirndl shoes and dirndl accessories, but not on underwear that matches them?

The three parts of dirndl underwear

The proper dirndl underwear consists of three pieces: underskirt, underpants and dirndl bra. While buying a dirndl bra is a matter of necessity, not choice, only the complete underwear set makes for a perfect dirndl outfit. When choosing your traditional costume outfit, the proper underwear is for certain the wrong place to economize! There are always ways to save money on shoes and dirndl accessories and maybe even on a dirndl dress, but women should never, ever even think about choosing anything but the perfect underwear when assembling their Octoberfest attire - for reasons that a proper lady would never dream of mentioning!

Seductive and discreet

Choosing the right underwear is just as impoortant today as it has been for centuries, and a modern dirndl such as the midi dirndl or the mini dirndl would look just as incomplete without a dirndl bra that matches it as a traditional long dirndl. In German traditional costume fashion, a dirndl underwear set also includes an underskirt and the half-long underpants. Many dirndls are cut in wat that allows the ruched white underskirt to peek out just a centimetre from underneath the dirndl seam – and the effect is so adorable and seductive that even many modern dirndls such as the midi and mini dirndls are worn with those beautiful white skirts. The half-long underpants, finally, are not only comfortable, but also such an established element of a woman's traditional costume fashion outfit, that most women would not want to do without.

Matching the dirndl in size

In our online catalogue, we offer dirndl bras, underskirts and underpants in classical white. Dirndl bras and underpants can also be purchased in black, and there are also dirndl bras in modern designs and colours. Whether bras, underskirts or underpants – all of our underwear are tailored to match our dirndls and blouses in our catalogue just perfectly, both with regard to style and to size. When assembling your perfect Octoberfest attire, you can thus be sure that our underwear is the best fit for your dirndl!