Classic and traditional - Trachten jackets for men

Which kinds of costumes German people wear, depends on the region where they live. Every region is known for a unique costume fashion. Some are more prominent than others. The people in Bavaria and Austria traditionally wore a folk costume called Tracht. Women wore Dirndls or alternatively they dressed in trousers, blouse and waistcoat. The cut was decidedly female in both of them. Men wore leather trousers or brogues. In summer they wore a short version of the leather trouser. Originally these leather trousers were working pants. They were combined with a chequered blouse and waistcoat or jacket. Bavarian Trachtendresses are widely known because they are still worn today.

Bavarian clothing for men

Bavarian Trachten can be seen as the most spectacular German wear. The identification of the Bavarians with their traditions is very strong. Compared to other regions of Germany, the traditions last longer and are lived more intensely. Even managers and businessmen dress in a traditional costume when it comes to visiting the Oktoberfest, one of the world’s biggest beer festivals. In no other tourist region would tourists wish to wear the indigenous Trachten or folk costumes. That is so because in all other German regions the Tracht is only worn at special occasions and does not allow you to enjoy yourself in it. The Bavarians in rural regions wear their attire every day. If they are managers in Munich, they of course wear business suits most of the time. It may well be that in their free time they combine a jeans with a Trachten jacket or waistcoat. The good thing about Bavarian Trachten look is, that it allows you to wear some parts combined with casual attire. You can wear a chequered blouse with conventional jeans. You can wear Haferl Schuh with a frock and so on. That may be the main reason why the Bavarian folk costume survived. Other traditional attire can only be seen in museums nowadays.

Trachten jackets

Some of the Bavarian jackets resemble attire that hunting people wear. Others look more like normal leather jackets but they can be decorated with imprints of specific buttons. In combination with a traditional leather pant and Haferl shoes, men look smashingly attractive in a Tracht jacket. It is worn in the colder seasons, at official occasions or at cold evenings. The Bavarian costume jacket in the shop-division "clothing for men" does not have a female cut, nor does it have too much embroidery. This is the privilege of the Bavarian jacket for women. Principally these are made of the same materials. All traditional German wear is known to be very attractive and of high quality. You can buy every part of the Bavarian costume separately. But you can also buy complete sets very cheaply. At the yearly Oktoberfest openings all families - down to the smallest kid - are dressed traditionally. Old men with big beards and the traditional Gamsbart hat represent the traditions of the region. They may belong to a hunter’s organisation or play trumpet in a traditional Bavarian brass band.

German wear in Bavaria

Bavarians regard themselves as a specific group among Germans and are thus prone to many jokes. On the other hand they are proud to be themselves and feel a strong identification with their costumes and traditions.




Trachten Jackets

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