Getting to the core of the original Tracht: Comfortable Tracht socks and Loferl

The eye-catcher for the toned calf: Tracht socks are just as essential to the Lederhose as the Charivari and Haferl shoes are. The shorter Lederhosen are best combined with classic Loferl or leg warmers, and longer country-house style knee breeches lend themselves perfectly to our knickerbockers. Our comfortable Tracht socks are worn up to the knee, where they‘re then tied. The ‘shorties‘ are traditionally paired with haferl shoes and Loferl without ankle socks. That said, there are many stylish variations of the classic style: Pair these Tracht socks with stylishly rustic boots, or even just wear them for a warm and cosy evening by the fire. Our Tracht socks from Stockerpoint are distinguished through their excellent quality materials with high cotton percentage, as well as their ease of cleaning. These masculine socks are available in our Tracht-Dirndl shop as knee-length socks or breeches with decorative patterning, and also as calf-length socks for wearing over our traditional Tracht boots. For those well-toned calves, we‘re also offering the widely famous Loferl in high-quality soft wool in classic patterns.




Trachten Socks

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