The costume of leather pants for the ladies - Naughty and confident!

The "lederhosen", as leather trousers are called in German, are one of the best-known elements of German traditional costumes, and together with the dirndl, lederhosen are by many considered the show piece of German and Bavarian traditional costume fashion that people recognise around the world. For centuries, these traditional leather pants have been worn by men only. But today, they have also become a part of female traditional costume. Women in lederhosen used to be unheard of even a generation ago, but now even at the world-famous Munich Oktoberfest, more and more women choose to dress in beautiful lederhosen oktoberfest instead of a dirndl every year.

Women in lederhosen - a more and more common sight

Our lederhosen for girls and women possess all the qualities that have earned men's lederhosen their renown among traditional costume fans all around the world - but they add some female touches to design and colours, making them the perfect lederhosen Oktoberfest outfit for women at october fest in Germany or other big festivals at which traditional costume is worn. Like men's lederhosen, our lederhosen for girls and women are made of the best leather and produced with the trademark German care for detail.

Traditional and modern at the same time

In its overall looks, our lederhosen for girls and women are nearly identical to those for men - but there are important adjustments not only to the figure, but also to the taste of women. The lederhosen's cut has been adapted to fit the female body, assuring that the women's lederhosen fit as perfectly as those for men. What has remained unaltered are the other characteristics of lederhosen in Germany, such as notably the trademark flap in the front, although there is obviously no need for it for women! But a lederhosen is still a lederhosen, after all, and it should show! Leaving the flap shows that women wear lederhosen in a tongue-in-cheek manner: They know that lederhosen have been a man's traditional costume garment, and they appropriate it in a playful manner. Emancipated women do not ask for permission when appropriating the trademark men's traditional garment - they just take it, knowing full well that men silently aprove when they put on a sexy lederhosen outfit!

Lederhosen outfit with a feminine touch

What is particlar about our lederhosen for women is not only their feminine cut, but also their coloration. Apart from lederhosen in classical colours, we also offer lederhosen with embroideries in colours especially chosen for the women's lederhosen, such as turquoise or pink. And then there are our lederhosen in red and pink and other typically feminine colours. Could there be a better way of demonstrating that women now "own" the lederhosen - and that traditional costume fashion keeps changing, but always stays ashionable and up to date?

Lederhosen Oktoberfest - the perfect choice

Women in lederhosen - what would have sounded unbeliavable just a few decades ago has now become a reality. Every year, more and more women discover that they look as ravish and sexy in our lederhose for women as in a classical dirndl. A lederhosen outfit for women is now even considered a perfectly proper octoberfest attire, and men love it when women put on their incredibly sexy lederhosen Oktoberfest. And that is no surprise - after all, the figure-hugging tight cuts and beautiful colors of the lederhosen Oktoberfest let women look forever young.




Tracht Lederhosen

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