Dress bodice for leisure and celebrations

A traditional costume bodice or corsage is a perfect match for a skirt or a pair of trousers. No matter whether you opt for a traditional costume skirt or a pair of blue jeans, a traditional costume bodice is always a perfect choice for the top part, thus showing once again that traditional costume fashion goes never out of style and blends in perfectly with regular fashion.

Traditional and versatile

The dirndl bodice or dirndl corsage emphasizes a woman's upper body in the most favourable way. Notably its low-cut neckline and its tight fight help form the beautiful decolleté that has become one of the trademarks of German women's "trachten", as traditional costume women clothing is called in German. Centuries of trachten fashion have shown that trends come and go, but that the breathtaking decolleté never goes out of fashion - and so trachten designers have wisely decided to include it in nearly all their new creations, among them those for dirndl corsages and bodices. As the name suggests, a dirndl bodice or corsage is cut much like the upper part of classical dirndl dress. The cut is thus figure-hugging and beautifully emphasizes the wearer's feminine silhouette. Ruches, laces and slightly puffed sleeves are not only reminiscent of the classical dirndl blouses, but also add a girlish touch to the bodice.

The perfect top part for any outfit

Dirndl corsages and bodices are traditionally combined with dirndl skirts, but can also be worn with regular skirts and trousers, such as blue jeans. They are thus another great example for the exceptional flexibility of German traditional costume fashion that has increasingly incorporporated elements of every-day fashion and has a strong crossover appeal. At the Munich Oktoberfest, the world's biggest october party, and other German culture festivals around the world where tracht German is worn, such as the famous Germanfest in Milwaukee in the US, many women can be spotted who combine dirndl corsages and bodices with regular skirts. Whether you choose to combine the corsage or bodice with a traditional costume skirt or your favourite pair of blue jeans, you will soon find out that a dirndl bodice or corsage is the perfect top part for any outfit, as it allows you to make a traditional fashion statement and still be dressed modern and fashionably.

Latest fashion trends

In our online shop, we always offer the latest trends in dirndl corsage and bodice fashion. All of the corsages and bodices in our catalogue can be combined both with traditional costume skirts and casual skirts or trousers. A particularly beautiful corsage that enjoys great popularity among our clients in Germany and around the world is the Carmen-style corsage which leaves the shoulders uncovered. Its cut, the ruches around the low-cut neckline and the beautiful laces in the front give it a distinct traditional costume appearance, while the black and white colorization highlights the Carmen theme which is so much en vogue in today's fashion.

Size matters

When choosing your dirndl corsage or bodice, pay attention to the size. Just like the dirndl dress, a dirndl bodice or corsage is always tightly cut and looks best when chosen in the proper size. Also make sure to check out or offers for dirndl skirts - you will find attractive clothing for sale in all departments of our online shop.




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