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If you are looking for a traditional German dress you can stop the search. On our website, you can find dirndl, lederhosen and other related items in order to prepare for a visit to the Oktoberfest in Munich. Overall, we have the perfect tracht and in this section specifically, you can find a traditional German dress for women. All the clothes on offer in our online shop are made from high-quality raw materials, combining craftsmanship and modern design. All in all, they are not only perfect for your next Oktoberfest visit but also for any German-themed party all over the world. Have a look at our vast selection of dirndl, lederhosen and the necessary accessories.


A perfect traditional costume outfit for women does not need to be expensive!

At the Stockerpoint outlet, women of all ages find dirndls, leather trousers and all other traditional costume garments in top quality at bargain prices! Stockerpoint is the leading online retailer for Bavarian and German traditional costume fashion, and in our online outlet, we offer German "tracht", as traditional costume fashion is called in German, at particularly good value for money.

Traditional dresses for women at bargain prices

Stockerpoint offers a unique variety of traditional Bavarian and German clothing – from the most ravish dirndl dress to "lederhosen", as the traditional leather trousers are called in German, to all other items needed for a woman's perfect traditional costume outfit. We constantly offer attractive bargain prices on individual items listed in our catalogue. All of the articles we offer at reduced prices are of the same high quality which our customers can expect from any regularly-priced item at Stockerpoint. We cooperate only with the best and most established traditional fashion producers in Germany and throughout the neigbouring German-speaking countries, and we make sure that each and every product in our catalogue satisfies our rigorous quality standards.

The best offers on the internet

As our regular customers know, Stockerpoint offers some of the best traditional fashion bargains for women you can find anywhere on the internet. Most of our female clients check our attractive offers before they even look at the other departments of our catalogue, and they often find already there what they are looking for – and at sometimes incredibly low prices! Whether you are looking for a traditional German trachten outfit long before the event at which you want to wear it or whether you are doing some last-minute shopping a few days before attending the world-famous Oktoberfest in Munich, make sure to check out our traditional fashion outlet for the best traditional costume offers you can find!

A great variety of traditional dresses

Our offers are as varied as Bavarian and German traditional costume has become in recent years. At Stockerpoint's, we take pride in always offering the widest possible array of Bavarian and German trachten garments – from the very traditional cuts and styles that will never go out of fashion to the most recent creations of the leading dirndl and lederhosen designers. Recently, trachten fashion has seen an influx of young, talented designers, and thanks to the many new modern creations, traditional German clothing now enjoys a broader appeal in Germany and beyond than ever before. Among our offers, you will find the best examples of the new dirndl look. If you are new to traditional German clothing, you might be surprised how varied these beautiful traditional dresses can be, but in Bavaria we know that tradition never goes out of fashion if it carefully adapts to the new!

Don't miss our daily new offers

Whether you are looking for traditional dirndls, midi dirndls or mini dirndls, for leather trousers or for any other part of traditional German clothing – our traditional costume outlet has offers in all traditional costume categories. Apart from Bavarian and German trachten, you will also find the best-known garments from neighbouring German-speaking countries such as Austria that also have a very rich traditional costume tradition. Whether you have a specific item in mind or are just looking for inspiration for you next traditional costume outfit, make sure to regularly check our traditional costume outlet, as we have many new offers every day.




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