Short-sleeved Trachten Shirts

How much beer Oktoberfest visitors consume, is often enough a question of training and age. Younger Bavarians who are used to "coma-drinking", will not stop drinking beer until they are finished. Well-trained men who have visited many Oktober-Festivals during their lives can digest an astonishing amount of beer. Some of them will be found sleeping in a corner of a beer tent the next day. Their short-sleeved shirt may be stained and dirty but the sleepers will carry a happy smile. It is almost a tradition to get very drunk and enjoy yourself in traditional Bavarian attire as long as the festivals lasts.

Bavarian or Austrian traditional clothing

Austria and Bavaria are known to hold their traditional looks in honour. People still love to wear the traditional costumes although these have been slightly changed with the times. More modern looks are needed because tastes change. Young people will not wear things they regard as old-fashioned. In Austrian traditional clothing as well as in Bavaria, fashion designers had to design new lines to meet the modern tastes. Even the classical short-sleeved shirt has been changed slightly. The lines look comparably slim nowadays, there is less decoration. You can easily wear such a shirt to any jeans without being seen as particularly traditional. How much beer Oktoberfest visitors may ever drink and where-ever they may spend the night after: A good washing machine will do a great job. The high quality of Bavarian attire guarantees that it lasts though all the hardships you might invent. Young fashion might be more modern, but the quality is not compromised. The white shirts might have some prints instead of embroideries - but they will stay typically Bavarian or Austrian. Mens shirts will still be capable of hiding beer bellies if necessary.

White shirts, colourful events

Mens shirts can be colourful in Bavaria - but they will never shine as much as the waistcoats or the Dirndls or women. How much beer Oktoberfest guests might ever consume: Their worlds will always be bright and colourful. It will be full of music, togetherness and identification with Bavaria. Even high Bavarian politicians wear clean white shirts - although it is said that not all of them deserve it. However, politics have to stand back at this occasion. All traditional mens shirts at this occasion are worn with the same pride. Most of the mens shirts show signs of Bavarian motifs. May it be the Bavarian flag or a deer, you can always trace back the origins of the dress. Bavarian and Austrian traditional clothing build a decidedly outstanding fashion line. Many shops and online shops specialize in traditional attire. They sell classic mens shirts as well as young fashion from modern Bavarian designers. The shirts with short arms are ideal for warm days or summer walks. They can be combined with Trachten waistcoats or Trachten jackets, casual jeans, Bermuda shorts or light corduroy trousers. The quality cotton material is breathable and helps you to feel comfortable in every circumstance. Alternatively you can buy a Trachten shirt with long arms and fold the arms if it gets warmer.

Traditions last, fashions change

In Bavaria and in Austria as well, people love their traditions. They stick to them and keep them alive. However, fashion changes with the times, even here.



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