Bavarian Knee-length Leather Pants for Men


Leather Lederhosen Over knee

Bavaria is an important rural tourist region in Germany. It is widely known for the Oktoberfest. The traditional festivity offers the best opportunity to see lots of people in traditional Bavarian outfits. The opening ceremonies are a spectacular sight. Bearded men parade the scene with impressive Gamsbart hats and traditional attire, pretty women in the traditional Dirndl dress can be met everywhere. Even famous Hollywood actors visit Germany at the time of the Oktoberfest. Nowhere else in Germany are so many people willing to wear traditional dresses, including the tourists.

Buy your complete lederhosen costume online

Once you have been at the Paulaner Oktoberfest you are infected with the wish to look as spectacular as the Bavarians. You favour Bavarian outfits with hold up suspenders and convincingly declare that they belong to the most interesting kinds of European clothing. Your desire to wear Bavarian brogues or leather trousers grows with the time you spend in Munich. Trachten Mode can be bought online – and you can even buy complete sets: Leather pants plus shoes plus socks plus blouse plus hold up suspenders will be sent to you in one parcel. The best moment comes when you see how cheaply they are. Every member of the family can wear Bavarian attire and look smart at the next Paulaner Oktoberfest. You best look for “men clothing” in an Austria shop if you want to wear Tracht. Lederhosen men or knee-long, short and long leather pants look impressive with chequered blouses. Many fashionable variations of this traditional Bavarian dress can be found at the yearly Oktoberfest.

Traditional Leather lederhosen

Lederhosen and Tracht, Dirndls and Blasmusik, beer and Brez'n belong to the festivity at Munichs "Wies'n". If you wish to buy costume leather pants you better look for "Lederhosen men" in a Tracht onlineshop. They have clothing to buy online or directly in their shop. Men and women alike find leather trousers in several colours and cuts. Even for small children, tiny Bavarian leather trousers can be bought. All things which complete Bavarian outfits can also be found. If you wish to wear more modern leather trousers that is also no problem. Leather pants in all variations - modern and old-fashioned - are worn in Bavaria. "Lederhosen men", "Lederhosen women" and "Lederhosen children" are the important keywords for you to google. You can alternatively look for Trachten mode or Tracht. Tracht shops in the internet offer different ranges of clothes, but will be able to sell traditional leather trousers or embroidered leather pants for women. Your next visit at the Munich Oktoberfest will be spectacular because you belong to all those who wear Trachtenlook.

Leather Lederhosen- Old fashion or modern?

Traditional dresses or costumes need not be old-fashioned because modern fashion designers are very interested in new interpretations of the classic Trachtenlook. New designs for Lederhosen and Dirndls can be found among the new fashion lines. Both can also be bought in complete sets. You can be traditional even if you are not wearing the all too traditional designs in men clothing. In preferring the more modern styles, you take sides with the younger Bavarians who really like their traditions but would not like to wear old-fashioned dresses, Dirndls or Gamsbart hats. They might wear a conventional leather trouser, jeans or frock together with a designer Trachtenjacket or chequered blouse.