Trachten WESTEN

Trachten vests and waistcoats belong to a German traditional costume that is mostly worn in Bavaria and Austria. German traditional wear has a long history. We divide between the traditional wear that was worn at work and the more festive Trachten dresses that you can still see at the festivities during the year. Traditional clothes and distinguishable costumes were worn in almost all rural regions of Germany.

German folk clothing in Austria and Bavaria

In the summer you traditionally wear your chequered shirts and blouses without a waistcoat. It would simply be too warm. In fall or spring or at colder evenings of the summer you can add a fashionable waistcoat to your Trachten dress. It will normally not be combined with a Dirndl dress but mostly be worn with a trouser or frock and blouse. Men wear the good-looking waistcoats together with a traditional costume or as most fashionable accessories to a plain jeans with T-Shirt. They will give any jeans a noble touch. Whenever you like to be good-looking, a costume waistcoat can be chosen. It can be bought in specialized online shops for Bavarian or Austria clothing or in a Tracht shop in the German cities of these regions. The traditional costumes are such a grand sight! They are known in Japan as well as among British or American tourists who once spent a holiday in Bavaria or Austria. Some Americans even know Oktoberfests in America. They are celebrated among immigrants from Bavaria. Some of the American tourists have also seen the most famous festival of Bavaria in person: They visited the widely known Oktoberfest in Munich. Others have been skiing in the Alps or went to Austria to see “Jedermann” in Salzburg.

Designs and models

Austria clothing is as variable as Bavarian dresses. That means that you can find traditional attire as well as modern designer Dirndls and jackets. Everything is prone to changes and modernisation, even traditions. Wealthy people presumably would like to wear different clothes than young people who refuse to wear what their grandparents traditionally wore. Both may love their traditions. But they normally only follow them when they meet their individual tastes. That is why some of the traditional costume parts look more colorful and modern today. Designs, colours and cuts always go with the times. If you like to wear a more modern country style, you will be happy to find an online shop for Austria clothing or Bavarian attire in all variations that are available nowadays. Some like waistcoats with tiny flowers, some like plain woolen versions. Others would like to buy a vest with a cable stitch. Interested men may also choose between short vests and longer casual versions. Waistcoats made from leather have an antique look and very often carry imprinted patterns in the same color.

A visit in a Tracht shop

When you first visit a traditional Tracht shop, you will be amazed at the collections and quality of every dress. You will also realize that the prizes are not very high compared to normal fashion. Whatever you might buy is made from durable material. All traditional dresses are manufactured with much care and a visible love for detail and quality. You can count on a durable product that will be enjoyed for many years to come.




Trachten Waistcoats

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