Discover knitwear Bavarian style

The quaint and beautiful traditional clothes of the Alpine regions of Bavaria, Austria and Switzerland are not only remaining part of people's everday life there, but are also well-known and popular throughout the world, last not least as the perfect Oktoberfest outfits. Trachten mode, as the traditonal costume fashion is called in German, is best known for items like the iconic dirndl dresses and men clothing like lederhosen. But knitwear also plays a crucial role in the clothing Alpine people like to wear. Richly patterned and often decorated with embroidery and pretty metal buttons and buckles the jackets, jumpers and socks ooze the rustic and cosy charm of the good old days. They are skillfully manufactured from top quality sheep's wool; especially in ladies' fashion cotton and silk are popular modern additions that make for a smoother, softer touch and a more sophisticated look.

Bavarian style represents the most popular clothing in Germany

Trachten mode is becoming more precious and popular as globalisation offers people much of the same thing wherever they go. Traditional clothes which are linked to the environment and circumstances of a specific region can still be found throughout Germany. Just think of iconic items like the Northern fishermen's shirts, knitwear and caps or the lovely costume dresses of the Black Forest in the Southwest. But the clothing Alpine regions have created in the course of centuries prove more popular than any other folk costume in Germany. One reason for that might be that they are the most suitable Oktoberfest outfits. No visit of the Oktoberfest would be complete without wearing at least a few folkloristic items of clothing like dirndl dress, lederhosen or the typical knitwear of Bavaria and they are popular souvenirs for visitors as much as they are much loved and treasured traditional clothes of the locals. Clothing in Germany is generally of the highest quality, skillfully made from best materials, so whatever you choose for yourself or your loved ones will be beautiful and wearable for a long time.

Bavarian style knitwear can be worn on all kinds of occassions

If you are you looking for beautiful traditional clothing Alpine trachten mode offers a wide range of versatile styles. At the annual Oktoberfest outfits of the greatest variety are showcased. The globally known beer festival which is held in Munich each year is the perfect occassion for ladies to wear a flattering dirndl dress with a pretty knitted jacket or for men to try on the rustic lederhosen which take no offence in a little beer spillage and should be worn with the thick patterned socks to match. But especially knitted items can be incorporated into your daily life without any problems, even if you don't live anywhere near Bavaria. A beautiful woolen jacket with metal buttons will look equally nice over a dress on a cool evening or with jeans for a more casual look. And especially in winter you will feel cosy and warm in your Bavarian jumper. Discover the variety and beauty of knitted Bavarian fashion which is available for women and men as well as for boys and girls. Enjoy the Bavarian way of life wherever you are - the perfect knitted jacket or jumper in a flattering Alpine style is out there waiting for you.




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