A pair of lederhosen is the central piece in traditional Bavarian costume for men – and lately, leather breeches have been becoming key items for women too. So we've decided to do our bit and award prizes to the best of the 2015 crop in traditional award-show style.
Anyone still need help identifying the five pieces of a lederhosen outfit? Any girls still unaware that a dirndl is made up of three items? Didn’t think so. What happens when the mercury drops, however, and you still want to sport authentic Bavarian clothes?
When winter gets serious, it’s time to get serious back! After all, there’s no such thing as the wrong weather, just the wrong type of clothing, as any boot-wearning Bavarian will tell you.
Still shopping around for the right lederhosen or dirndl and running out of time? Don't panic: your search ends here!
For many, a pair of lederhosen without shoulder braces is not really a pair of lederhosen. When worn as a fashion item, however, lederhosen are increasingly being paired with belts instead.
Dirndl blouses are crop-tops made to be part of the traditional dirndl dress. An Oktoberfest blouse, though, is a full top designed to go with women’s lederhosen, Bavarian-style jeans, or traditional skirts
With most of the new 2017 Bavarian fashion collections now on the market in time for the spring Strong Beer Festivals, there’s no time like the present to look at buying a new pair of lederhosen
The dirndl was once worn by women of every age and size – worn, what is more, by Bavarian women, who are not exactly famous for their waspish waist. So we're going back to the roots with plus-size dirndls.
If you want to wear a dirndl well, the most important thing is what you're wearing underneath: dirndl bras, petticoats, underskirts... It's not business as usual!
Today’s tapping ceremony in Munich is for the Starkbierfest, quite literally the “Strong Beer Festival”. One of the city's best-kept secrets, we show the outfits you need to blend in...
Wool, with its versatile uses, warming fibres, and cuddly, soft feel is simply indispensable in winter. Which is why we’re delighted to be offering an extended range of woollen cardigans and jackets this year.
Another year, another trip to Munich, to the home of dirndl, lederhosen, and (of course) beer! Read about our time there here - and perhaps get a few tips for your visit!
When you’re heading to the Munich Oktoberfest, forget what you think you know about German – because it could well be wrong: it's time to start learning Bavarian!
Anyone taking a summer holiday in southern Germany is well advised to pack beer-garden gear that won’t lead to the sweats. The Oktoberfest can get pretty heated, too...
A pair of lederhosen will be around for years, trusty and sturdy, so the shirt worn with it is the only option for anyone looking to bring some variety into their Bavarian outfit. And variety, we've got...
if you can’t put your pair of lederhosen in the wash, and if they look better used anyway, why would anyone even think of washing them? Well...
If you’re heading over to Munich or anywhere else in south Germany this summer, there’s no better way to enjoy that special summer feeling than to get the right dirndl. What’s more, it’s never too early to start preparing for the Oktoberfest!
Carnival, Strong Beer Festival, Frühlingsfest: if you're looking for some Bavarian fun that’s off the beaten track, you might want to think about heading out in spring
This might sound odd, but now is the perfect time to get Bavarian fashion for that very special Oktoberfest fan in your life. Read why!
An Oktoberfest first-timer? here are our ten most important important facts, tips, and tricks for Wiesn newbies. Read, learn, and use!
Want to make sure that your outfit doesn’t scream “TOURIST!” at everyone at this year’s Munich Oktoberfest? Then read up on the trends for this year and dress accordingly.
If you’re going to be working as a waiter or waitress at an Oktoberfest event, then you’ll probably be required to dress the part. Most of the guests will be there in dirndls and lederhosen, so you’re going to need a suitably Bavarian style: and we've got what you need.
One of the things that women love most about dirndls is the way they emphasise feminine charms without showing too much. But without the right underwear, it's difficult to pull off the look.
"A dirndl” is in fact made of three things: the actual dress, the apron, and the dirndl blouse - so dirndl dresses have bodices which are designed assuming that you’ll be wearing a specially cropped top
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