70cm mid- length Bavarian Dirndl- - a classic of costume fashion

Among the traditional dresses of world, the Dirndl represents the typical Bavarian folk dress for women. It can be bought in several lengths, styles and fashions. The colors vary and can be combined with each other if you own several Dirndls. Trachten MIDIDIRNDL 70cm represent the traditional dress of the Bavarian women in medium length. These costume dresses are traditionally worn in Bavaria, most favorably at the traditional Oktoberfest. It is one of the touristic highlights in Munich, the capital city of Bavaria in Germany. The Oktoberfest is also celebrated in several states of America where immigrants from Bavaria live. In our onlineshop we present the most fashionable Oktoberfest Dirndls. If you are looking for a modern Designer Dirndl or fitting accessoires and Trachten shoes you will also be served well in our online shop.

The traditional Dirndl dress for women

German clothing can be described as modern fashion plus regional traditional fashion styles. The traditional dresses represent a unique style that points out the history and tradition of a region. The Dirndl, Dirndle or Dirndlkleid belongs to the most attractive German dresses for women. Younger women may prefer the shorter versions of the Dirndl, while women of medium age tend to wear Dirndls at medium lengths. Both versions are richly decorated with flower prints, laces, decorative chains and embroidery. When you are buying Dirndl couture online or visit the Oktoberfest you will be fascinated by the styles and looks of the Dirndls. There is no woman on earth who will not look great in a traditional Dirndl. Modern and traditional country fashion is made from excellent material and stands for high quality and traditional workmanship. Dirndls do not represent the mainstream of German clothing. They give you a unique and outstanding traditional look. You will be a real sight in them. On top of that a traditional Dirndl is surprisingly comfortable and keeps you cool in warm summers. In colder seasons, a warm Trachten jacket or cardigan can be added. This way, your fashionable Dirndlkleid will be accompanying you through most of the year. Among the german dresses you will have chosen the most spectacular one.

Our fabulous collection of mid-length dirndl costumes

Fresh colors, attractive female lines and rich decorations belong the the traditional dress of the Bavarian woman. The Dirndl is traditionally made of three separate parts: The apron, the blouse and the Trachten skirt. All are made from quality cotton. You do not need to buy them separately because a Dirndl consists of all three and is always ordered complete. You best buy traditional Trachten shoes that are fitting the style. Austria clothing has similar looks and can be found in an Austria shop. The traditional Bavarian and Austrian folk dresses both can be found in the store for clothing alpine. Buying online clothes has the advantage that you can order from any part of the world. Your designer Dirndl will fit properly if you use the table of sizes in our online shop and measure your body to find out which size would be best. You will be loving your new Bavarian folk dress as it makes you shine. Our traditional costume dresses for women will also surprise you with their highly acceptable prices. Choose your favorite color or combination and make a smart impression on everyone.



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