Beautiful mid-length dirndl costumes for every occasion

Traditional Oktoberfest Costumes for every occasion - the perfect summer dresses

You think you could only wear dirndl s at the Oktoberfest in Munich? Look at these gorgeous pictures and you will want your traditional dress for the summer today! Combining the German tradition with new fashionable colors and modern patterns makes your perfect feminine dress outfit. Other women will be jealous and the men will give you their full attention! These colorful german dirndl midi dresses with a skirt-length of 23.6 inches will enrich your wardrobe. They're as cute and sexy as the mini dirndls but look a little more restrained and mature. The variety of different patterns and colors is uncountable: get your dirndl munich style or turn into spirited Spanish lady with the foxy style dresses. The high quality of the colored cotton and the quality fashioning make those dresses perfect companions for fashion-conscious ladies.

The complete Dirndl costume

In a normal store you have to buy your dirndl dress, a matching dirndl blouse and an apron all separately. Online shop Austria offers you a complete set of perfectly matching parts: the perfect adress for traditional and stylish women clothing. One tip: on top of your set you can order different blouses and aprons separately - change your dirndl outfit for every new party or event! Come in classic women clothing with a traditional blouse or change your dirndl top to be a cute spring girl with flowers in your hair. Take a look at the different product descriptions: you will find hints at matching accessories there. Shop online dresses at Stockerpoint and save money with every deal. This way you can still afford to get your suiting leather shoes, traditional bags and even wonderful lingerie for your perfect German outfit. Try for example the beautiful dirndl bra - it will shape your body without showing under the dirndl - the perfect bra for your perfect dirndl style!

The current midi dirndl collection - an ocean of color

The fashionable colors of this summer are mint, mocha, fuchisa, flamingo and azure and all of these are naturally reflected in our current collection. These colors are mainly represented by the models Angel, Vanessa, June as well as Nida, Noa, Jasmin and Palma. You can also get the timeless modern colors as turquoise, pink, purple and apple-green. All the designs are similarly spirited and animated, but they also don't miss a romantic touch. The style and patterns of the midi dirndls are rather close to traditional dirndl cuts like the ones you see at the Oktoberfest in Munich every year. Still we always combine tradition with fashion and innovation - for your perfect party outfit. The more traditional taste is met by the rather classical cuts, for example with floral design. You'll see - we offer the perfect dirndl dress for every lady!

Shop online - Risk free

Don't hesitate to buy a dirndl online! With our size chart and a tapeline you can easily find the perfect dirndl dress for your size and figure. Of course you can also send your dress back or exchange it anytime, within the regular handover period. And if your partner wants to share your new look: we also offer wonderful leather jackets and trousers for men. Have fun at your own personal Oktoberfest and enjoy the well-deserved attention!




Dirndl & Dresses 60cm

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