Complete your dirndl outfit with matching shoes & accessories

Dirndl shoes are the perfect match for pretty dirndl dresses and other trachten outfits of the Alpine region. The typical dirndl shoes have a robust, moderately high heel and they are decorated with a nice bow and a beautiful metal buckle. The most common materials for these shoes are elegant patent leather or colourful suede leathers. This type of sturdy pumps is worn by young girls and teenagers as well as by women of all ages. They are the traditional shoes to go with dirndl dresses, which are worn with the typical Bavarian knitted jackets or beautiful woolen shawls when it is cooler. The shawls can be held together by pretty metal buckles or brooches. Other dirndl accessories that can be worn with dirndl dresses are smaller scarves for the neck, Bavarian jewellery like necklaces, brooches and bracelets. Small hats are also very popular dirndl accessories which can be found in any good tracht shop selling trachten fashion.

A variety of footwear con be worn with dirndl dresses and Bavarian fashion

The traditional dirndl shoes are not the only option of shoes that go well with dirndl dresses and other trachten costumes of the Alpine region. If you don't want to wear a shoe with a heel like the dirndl shoes have you could also opt for ballerina shoes. Especially younger women often prefer the slightly trendier and less formal look of ballerina shoes which are also very comfortable and can be purchased with the signature metal buckle that is one of the most typical dirndl accessories. If you want to wear your dirndl shoes with other types of clothes as well you might find the ballerina shoes very easy to combine, as they look very much at home with other dresses or even casual blue jeans. Boots would be the footwear of choice especially in the colder times of the year. Ankle boots with a mid high or high heel are flatteringly feminine and go well with the traditional flair of dirndl dresses and other folk costumes. Usually made of high quality leather in black or brown they are often discreetly decorated with hole patterns. These ankle boots look very quaint with trachten dirndls, but can just as well be worn with your favourite pair of jeans for a completely different look. Boots prove to be extremely versatile and if you don't want to be a Bavarian mountain girl most of the time you might find ankle boots the shoes of choice for you.


Find the perfect shoes for your dirndl dress in tracht shop

You don't have to travel to Bavaria to find the iconic trachten shoes that will make your dirndl styling complete. Whether you prefer flat ballerinas, proper pumps or versatile boots - you can find your dream shoe online as well as locally. Watch out for a good tracht shop on the internet that offers top quality footwear from Germany. Excellent materials and craftsmanship offer the guarantee that you will enjoy comfortable shoes which are durable and will give you joy for a long time. Choose from a wide range of styles and colours. Matching shoes and accessories will help you to discover the Bavarian way of life and become a dainty little dirndl lady yourself.






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