Complete your outfit with matching shoes from bavaria

The shoe market knows so many variations of shoes that it is almost unbelievable. Every nation look sback on their own shoe traditions. Many of the known shoe models worldwide have originally been part of a traditional costume. The Japanese Geta is as unique as the Bavarian Haferlschuh or the Indian Mokassin. Every time in history had its unique shoe fashion. On top of all that, the normal shoe production of today brings a vast amount of choices. Sandals, Trekkingboots, Flip Flops, designer shoes for business occasions or watertight sailing shoes mark some of the shoes that are existent today.

Mountain boots and Haferl Shoes from Bavaria

Mountain boots are robust shoes for men and women who like to walk in the mountain areas of Bavaria. Their soles are constructed to bear harsh conditions. They have a deeply cut profile and good grip so the feet do not slip on mud or stones. These kinds of robust shoes are mostly made of thick leather and prevent your feet from getting wet. The fitting outfit for men are Trachten leather pants or knee-long Lederhosen, respectively brogues. They are worn together with long woolen socks. Women wear the traditional Bavarian Dirndl, which is a set consisting of a blouse, a frock and an apron. These can be richly decorated and very colorful. Alternatively, women can wear leather pants and Haferl shoes. You can see many variations of these traditional looks at the yearly Oktberfest in Bavarias capital city, Munich. Here, almost all people and even some of the Oktoberfest tourists and visiting celibrities wear the traditional Trachten look of Bavaria. If men wear no ankle-high mountain boots - which they mostly do in cold seasons and while they are hiking - they like to wear low leather shoes with buckles or so called Haferl shoes. These do not carry their laces in the front. They are typically tied up at the sides.


Leather pants and Brogues of Bavaria

The leathern brogues or Trachten Kniebundhosen of men and women look slightly different, due to a different understanding of their function and look. For men, they are supposed to look male and sometimes hide some enormous beer bellies. Also, men do not neccessarily have such an attractive body when they get older. Originally these trousers were working trousers for farmers. Nowadays you can see men of all ages dancing the traditional "Schuhplattler" at the Munich Oktoberfest. Typically for this dance is the beating of shoes and leather trousers with flat hands, so that a rythmical noise is heard. The leather trousers can be short, knee-long or long. You can buy two versions of Bavarian Lederhosen or leather pants: A festive one with lots of decorations and a more casual one for everyday. For women, the traditional Trachten Lederhosen are supposed to show their beautyful forms and are cut differently. Both sexes wear Haferl shoes or normal leather shoes with the leather pant. The outfit for men is completed with a hat. The Trachten shoes for men at the Oktoberfest are mostly black or brown while women can choose from several colors. Haferl shoes for women can also be blue, red or sand colored. They can be decorated with emboidery. The leather brogues for both sexes are very robust, just like the shoes for men.






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