Oktoberfest Zurich, Switzerland

The ‘Zuri-Wiesn’ from 25 September to 12 October 2013!

The band plays on at the Zurich Oktoberfest

Accompanied by traditionally prepared delicacies such as pretzels, chicken and knuckle of pork, and with lots of fun and German music, with the ‘Zuri-Wiesn’ you’re guaranteed a great Oktoberfest atmosphere year after year. The Oktoberfest tents, beer garden and Luna Park invite you to sway along to the music and join in the festivities and for the younger Oktoberfest visitors, there's the children's Oktoberfest with lots of games, fun and mouth-watering Oktoberfest delicacies.

The beer tent is the heart of ‘Zuri-Wiesn’ where up to as many as 1000 Oktoberfest fans hangout swaying and dancing to the German music and indulging in the
delicacies, glasses raised! In the beer tent, the fun goes on. Accompanied by pretzels, chicken, beer and shot glasses the prevailing mood here is just like the traditional Munich Beer Festival.

Fancy a ‘Weißwurst’ before twelve, ‘Haxn’ for lunch or a
beer with a pretzel in the evening? Sitting together in
the convivial atmosphere you’ll quickly get into the
social banter and drink a beer or too.

It’s the same every year - all the fun of the fair revolves
around the Luna Park - amain attraction for all Oktoberfest visitors young and old alike. Whether it’s the carousel,
fairground shooting or maybe a little traditional fairground

refreshment - such as mouth watering candy floss, fresh
pretzels, a sausage from the grill accompanied by a cool
drink - at Luna Park all needs are catered for. At Oktoberfest Wiesl there’s also a special children's Oktoberfest programme and Oktoberfest wouldn’t be complete without the traditional German Music - the
‘Schlager’ German songs - with top national and international ‘Schlager’ guest acts arriving at the Zurich Oktoberfest on 6 October 2013.

Horses in their Oktoberfest regalia | Bands of the Zurich Oktoberfest | Raise a glass to the Oktoberfest | Barrels full of Oktoberfest beer!