Oktoberfest Qingdao, China!

The Qingdao Beer Festival

Traditional Oktoberfest beer of China

Qingdao, a major port in Shandong Province, was a German colony between 1897 and 1914 and home to the world-famous Tsingtao Brewery (established in 1903 by German settlers).

Oktoberfest China has taken place every August since the first Qingdao Beer Festival in 1990. The event is very similar to the traditional Munich Oktoberfest with numerous beer tents serving Paulaner beer and its very own celebrated Chinese ‘Shlager’ music. Just as in Bavaria, there is a Ferris wheel and fairground attractions run by stall holders in traditional Bavarian costumes - traditional lederhosen and dirndl costumes. The beer prices are also comparable to the German meadow prices with a half litre of beer costing the equivalent of around 6 Euros in local currency (although if you buy the beer outside of the festival you pay about 30 Euro cents for half a litre).

Unfortunately the traditional Bavarian food is not as popular here and you’ll find more mussels and local Chinese specialities.

Neither will you find the traditional Bavarian bands but you will find tents paying piped music and of course the Chinese muchloved karaoke, plus various drinking competitions and stage performances around every corner and every year 2-3 million visitors flock to the coast of China to join in the wild celebrations!


The Chinese Oktoberfest - Having fun in the Beer tent - Dressed in traditional lederhosen - The site of the Chinese Oktoberfest