Oktoberfest Blumenau, Brazil

Oktoberfest Brazilian style!

Buildings of Blumenau in the traditional bavarian style

The tranquil setting of Blumenau has been home to the Brazilian Oktoberfest since 1983/1984 and is now the second largest festival in Brazil after the Carnival in Rio.

‘Oktoberfest Brazil’ was originally launched in Blumenau to inject some badly needed funds and ‘raise the spirits’ of local inhabitants and today up to 600,000 visitors come to celebrate, imbibing in the ‘spirit’ of the Oktoberfest beer festival every year.

Just as in the Bavarian homeland you’ll find Oktoberfest tents and plenty of beer, all enjoyed swaying to the sounds of traditional German music played live by brass bands flown in from Germany. The festival lasts around 18 days providing plenty of time to sample the Bavarian delicacies like ‘Weißwurst’ and sauerkraut. But be warned you need to book early as Oktoberfest accommodation gets booked up quickly!

Blumenau | The Oktoberfest parade goes by | Oktoberfest Blumenau | Miss Oktoberfest- Blumenau | Blumenau Oktoberfest parade