sportiv outfits with chequered Trachten Shirts

The Bavarian capital is a town that offers a lot. Tourists and residents alike are pleased with the variety of events and entertainment opportunities. The Oktoberfest marks the most interesting festivity Munich has to offer. At this time of the year you will see traditional costumes everywhere. Almost every man wears a checkered shirt for men with leather brogues. Many of the tourists also like to wear them. A feeling of belonging unites all people.

Checkered shirt for men

The checkered shirt for men is an integral part of the classical Octoberfest attire. It is worn with short leather pants, brogues or long trousers. Traditionally women wear Dirndls. But nowadays women in trousers are a normal sight. The shirts for men resemble those that the women wear. Only the cuts and embroideries can be different. During the Oktoberfest - the most prominent beer festival in the world - you can see all variations of the classical chequered shirt. It can be worn with sleeves rolled up or down, depending on the season or room temperature. Some men prefer bigger squares to small ones. The traditional colours of a chequered shirt for men are black, dark and light blue or red. Nowadays, you can also buy a checkered shirt in big sizes and colors like pink or purple. Some shirts for men resemble those of American cowboys. They have contrast coloured insets. In a traditional costume beer will taste twice as good as normally.

Octoberfest attire for everyone

Octoberfest attire can be bought in complete sets. This is very practical since you receive all parts of a traditional dress in one box - and very cheaply too. On the other hand, it is wise to invest in more than one chequered shirt or blouse. You can imagine that at such an event, beer flows in vast amounts. Food is eaten and some ketchup might land on your blouse. Some people might get very drunk. Naturally several shirts for men get stained during the event. This is the fate of most dresses at traditional beer festivals. Some stains might not easily be detected on chequered shirts for men, but others are very prominent. A washing machine and a nice collection of shirts will do the trick.

Traditional or modern Octoberfest attire

Traditionally, it was a question of honour to wear classical Octoberfest attire. However, many teens of today can not be convinced to wear what their grandfathers wore. They like their rural traditions but prefer their own styles. That is why some teens wear chequered shirts for men to their baggy jeans rather than wearing the Lederhosen or brogues with embroidery. They would not miss going to the most famous national beer festival, of course. There's no compromising about that! The designers had to invent more modern looks for the traditional costumes of Bavarians. As a result you can rely on several collections of Bavarian Tracht fashion. All parts of it are very comfortable and made of the best materials. Many of them are timeless classics, some of them fashion hits. Very convincing is the fact that you can combine chequered blouses with frocks or trousers alike. Quality is a big issue also. You read the labels of Stockerpoint shirts and you get to know: Only the best material has been chosen.




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