Our guide on German Lederhosen

At the Munich Oktoberfest Lederhosen can be seen in several variations. Some wear them short, some prefer the knee-long leather brogues with richly decorated front parts. Others wear long leather trousers, either modern or in the typical “Trachtenlook”. The Oktoberfest Lederhosen belong to a traditional dress called Tracht. Trachten have formerly been known in most regions of Germany. They looked different in every region. In some regions of Germany there was only a festive Tracht worn at specific occasions. In other regions there was also a traditional costume worn at work. In Austria and also in Bavaria, Trachtenlook is still a very prominent part of everyday life. Specifically at the yearly Oktoberfest - a prominent beer festival - you can see the many variations of Bavarian festive and casual attire.

Bavarian Lederhosen

In Bavaria, a very specific Lederhosen costume has been developed. Nowhere in the world you can find similar pants made of finest leather, richly decorated and embroidered. If you wish to explore them in detail, you can google for "Oktoberfest Lederhosen" or "Bavarian Lederhosen" or even for "Munich lederhosen" and will be lead to online shop links. Here you can study the famous Bavarian and Austrian leather trousers in all their splendour. Leather trousers for workers will look comparatively plain. The festive Tracht Lederhose will look very rich in decoration. The leather trousers can have additional suspenders for men in H- or Y-form. You can get at cheap costumes in sets also. The durable and comfortable leather-pants are widely worn in Munich at the time of the Oktoberfest. In the rest of the year, many people prefer to wear business suits. Only in times of leisure or in rural regions you wear the traditional Bavarian leather pant. Models you have owned for a long time will derive some patina as a sign of their age. Some Bavarian Lederhosen are 50 years old and still look fresh. Material and manufacturing have been of the highest quality.

The Bavarian lederhosen style

Men and male kids alike wear the short version of the typical leather pants, preferably in summer. For all Austrian and Bavarian costumes patterns exist that are typical. Austria clothing also has a unique style. Their Tracht differs from the Bavarian Trachtenlook. Trachten leather pants are not only worn by men but can also be worn by women or children. The cuts and colours can be different in this case. Clothing for men looks less stylish and decisively male. Even among the gay Oktoberfest attire is valued because it makes you look so male and smart. Bavarian leather pants in knee length - known as brogues, Knickerbockers or Krachlederne - can be bought in several designs. You wear them either with long or short socks and Haferl shoes. These leather pants can be worn in all seasons as the socks make the difference in warmth. In fall, spring or winter you wear the brogues with thick woollen socks. In summer you choose thin cotton socks. The long version of the Bavarian or Austrian leather pants can be worn in any season that is not too hot. They also hide hairy or thin legs. Short leather-pants look good when your skin looks healthy and you show off some muscles. All these kinds of Lederhosen belong to the classical Oktoberfest Tracht.




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