Want to make sure that your outfit doesn’t scream “TOURIST!” at everyone at this year’s Munich Oktoberfest? Then read up on the trends for this year and dress accordingly.
With most of the new 2017 Bavarian fashion collections now on the market in time for the spring Strong Beer Festivals, there’s no time like the present to look at buying a new pair of lederhosen
A key Bavarian fashion trend in 2016 comes in the form of hair accessories. At this year’s Oktoberfest, expect extras such as floral hairbands and hair clips to be just as noticeable as changes in dirndl and lederhosen fashions – if not more so.
A pair of lederhosen is the central piece in traditional Bavarian costume for men – and lately, leather breeches have been becoming key items for women too. So we've decided to do our bit and award prizes to the best of the 2015 crop in traditional award-show style.
Dirndl blouses are crop-tops made to be part of the traditional dirndl dress. An Oktoberfest blouse, though, is a full top designed to go with women’s lederhosen, Bavarian-style jeans, or traditional skirts
We're seeing an explosion in the way the traditional Bavarian jacket is interpreted. Besides the classic loden models in grey or brown with their green piping and collars, there are now new ideas hitting the market almost weekly
The new batch of classic, high quality lederhosen hitting the market means that we’re going to have make space for another pair: but which?
Wool, with its versatile uses, warming fibres, and cuddly, soft feel is simply indispensable in winter. Which is why we’re delighted to be offering an extended range of woollen cardigans and jackets this year.
A pair of lederhosen will be around for years, trusty and sturdy, so the shirt worn with it is the only option for anyone looking to bring some variety into their Bavarian outfit. And variety, we've got...
the best thing about women’s fashion is that girls are happier to experiment. Which is why we are absolutely delighted with the winter collections for 2016-17, showing as they do just how much more can be done with Bavarian jackets for women.
If summer 2015 has shown one thing, it's that denim dirndls are here to stay, both in short and medium-length dresses - and in other areas of Bavarian fashion too.