Anyone who sells Bavarian clothing has to like wearing it - and there's no place we enjoy wearing our dirndls and lederhosen more than at the Munich Oktoberfest. Read about our 2016 trip!
Another year, another trip to Munich, to the home of dirndl, lederhosen, and (of course) beer! Read about our time there here - and perhaps get a few tips for your visit!
Wearing traditional dress to the Oktoberfest. Choosing the right dirndl or lederhosen. Second-hand dirndl and lederhosen. How to tie a dirndl apron knot. Everyone, it seems, young and old alike, is wearing a traditional Bavarian dirndl (local traditional women's dress) or lederhosen to the Munich Oktoberfest. In fact, those not wearing the traditional costumes are in the minority at the festival these days.
When you’re heading to the Munich Oktoberfest, forget what you think you know about German – because it could well be wrong: it's time to start learning Bavarian!