An Oktoberfest first-timer? here are our ten most important important facts, tips, and tricks for Wiesn newbies. Read, learn, and use!
It’s a shame for Bavarians that they don’t have the tradition of leaving stockings out, because knee-length socks can hold a lot of presents!
“Kids in lederhosen and dirndls? What is this,” I hear you ask, “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang?” Well actually, kids love getting dressed up - and Bavarians are suckers for cutie-pie children. That's why we are now selling a collection of Bavarian children's outfits.
Carnival, Strong Beer Festival, Frühlingsfest: if you're looking for some Bavarian fun that’s off the beaten track, you might want to think about heading out in spring
Still shopping around for the right lederhosen or dirndl and running out of time? Don't panic: your search ends here!
Thre is no more one perfect outfit than there is one type of person who enjoys wearing Bavarian clothing or one type of person who likes going to the Oktoberfest. There are, however, several good looks to orientate yourself towards.
It shouldn’t be big news to anyone that leather and trousers do not a lederhosen make. But just how exacting the standards for authentic lederhosen are, might surprise you.
This might sound odd, but now is the perfect time to get Bavarian fashion for that very special Oktoberfest fan in your life. Read why!
if you can’t put your pair of lederhosen in the wash, and if they look better used anyway, why would anyone even think of washing them? Well...
For most, Bavarian clothing is something they associate with leisure time: but for some in the hospitality trade, dirndls and lederhosen are uniform - and need to be hard-wearing and good value.
While there is no more one single perfect outfit than there is one type of person attracted to traditional Bavarian clothing, there are perfect combinations for the Oktoberfest.