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The traditional decorative Lederhosen chain: Tracht Charivari

The Tracht Charivari is worn on the Lederhosen fly and, as well as being decoration, it also carries great meaning as both a status symbol and talisman. As decoration, the Charivari is made of sterling silver, traditionally fitted out with pendants, jewels, coins and hunting trophies. These decorative chains are passed on from generation to generation in the Alpine regions and they are even available here in our Tracht-Dirndl-Shop, ideal for those short-notice Oktoberfest visits. The Tracht Charivari is now more popular than it ever was, and it's increasingly an accessory worn by women. The women's Tracht Charivari is a delicately worked variation of the men's Charivari and is decoratively positioned on the bodice. From our assortment, there is an enchanting array of Tracht Charivaris in silver, all of which are beautifully finished with a number of charms. This year, the Charivari can certainly be counted amongst the most popular accessories for the Oktoberfest, not least for the fact it fashinoably spruces up even an everyday outift.