The fetching eye-catcher: Bracelets as accessories for parties and Oktoberfest

This is one special accessory: A bracelet is the ultimate must-have for the Tracht dress. These fetching bracelets from Stockerpoint are worn around the ankle, making them a real eye-catcher at the Oktoberfest. These bracelets are the feminine variation of the traditional men's Loferls, and they really excite through their glamorous designs and bright braiding. These bracelets harmoniously round off the women's Lederhose and, through their universal size, they make the perfect fit for any leg size. Attractive bracelets can be found in our Trachten-Dirndl-Shop in a wide variety of styles and designs, making them the accessory supreme for parties and Oktoberfest. The symbolic meaning behind the bracelet can easily be compared to that of the Dirndlschleife: When worn on the right ankle, the woman is already taken. When worn on the left, however, she's yet to fall into the right hands. Discover our selected bracelets from Stockerpoint in our online shop now and get the must-have accessory for this year's Oktoberfest in just a few clicks!



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